est. 2019


TTS第一個畫作系列名為《Hundred Smiles 百笑圖》,其靈感源於古代文化瑰寶《百壽/福圖》,大多呈現一百個整齊端正地排列的福/壽字,古代人們將其對福壽的祝福寄託在畫紙或瓷器上刻畫的圖騰之上。TTS重思人類追求無盡福壽前的原點,將字畫祝福的傳統延伸至對現代人同為重要的快樂,以手繪笑字與雙笑臉(寓意人生百態)組成獨一無二的「百笑」紋樣。

Residing and working in Hong Kong, TTS' artworks explore "fictionality and trueness" and the arising and ceasing of emotions. Inspired by the techniques of ancient Chinese monochrome glazed porcelain and embossed patterns, TTS integrates ancient aesthetics with contemporary motifs on canvases of simple yet profound colours. Using repetitive layering techniques to build up an array of emotionally driven tactile elements, TTS transforms the canvases into contemplative spaces with quiet yet dynamic energy.

TTS’s first painting series - “Hundred Smile" (百笑圖) is inspired by the traditional scrolls of “Hundred Fortune and Longevity” (百福/ 壽圖) - a traditional folk art that first appeared in China 700 years ago. In ancient times, people placed their blessings on the totems carved on paper or porcelain. Reflecting on the origin of mankind's pursuit of endless fortune and longevity, TTS brings a modern twist to this tradition with a new focus on the emotion of happiness, a notion of equal importance in modern life. On the series' monochrome canvases, TTS creates an original pattern of hundred smiles consisting of 100 handwritten Han character「笑」(meaning Smile) and upward-downward smiley faces (symbolising ups and downs in life).